MeHAF uses grantmaking, program support, policy research, convening and our staff resources to advance our three priorities.

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Access For All

To ensure Access for All, MeHAF supports several grant programs designed to expand access to affordable coverage and care, particularly for those who cannot afford coverage, live in rural areas where services are not available, or face cultural and language barriers that make it challenging to get coverage or use our health system.  LEARN MORE

Better Care

Access alone does not ensure that Maine people receive the highest quality health care services and the community supports that are often required to preserve or improve health.  To promote Better Care, MeHAF supports several initiatives aimed at making care more holistic, patient-centered, coordinated and community-based, particularly for people who have chronic physical and behavioral health conditions that put them at higher risk for inpatient or long term care services.  LEARN MORE

Improved Health

The promise of good health requires more than ensuring that people can go visit their doctor or go to the hospital when they’re sick.  No single organization or sector can be responsible for the health of a community.  Improving health requires us to think holistically in supporting coordinated action from businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, hospitals, government, and economic and community development organizations. Our approach to improve health in communities will focus on place-based, collaborative, community-led efforts that can help transform communities into supportive environments that enable people to live healthier lives.  LEARN MORE