Reporting Requirements

MeHAF grantees are required to submit periodic reports on how their work is progressing and how they have used grant funds. Specific requirements and submission dates vary depending upon your grant program. Please review your contract or log into your GLM account to view specific requirements.

To complete your grant report, follow these steps:

  1. Download the appropriate financial report from the Reports + Forms page and complete. (You will complete the narrative portion of the report online.)
  2. Save the completed form on your computer with a unique file name.
  3. Logon to MeHAF’s grants management system by clicking on the orange button in the right rail. You will find your reporting forms listed under “Follow-Up Forms.”
  4. Complete the narrative portion of your report online.
  5. Upload/attach your completed financial report and any other attachments requested by your Program Officer.

Project and Budget Modifications

Grantees that anticipate changes in their project work plan, project end date (also called a no-cost extension), personnel changes or budget modifications must have the changes approved in advance in writing.

Please contact the Program Officer overseeing your grant for more information. After contacting your Program Officer, the Request for Modification will be assigned and posted under “Follow-Up Forms” in your online grantee portal account.  Complete the narrative portion of your modification request online, and if applicable, attach the revised budget form .


Need help? View our help videos on completing your reporting requirements, or contact Holly Irish, Grants Associate.

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