Systems Improvement and Innovation Responsive Grants Program

Program Description


The 2024 Systems Improvement and Innovation Responsive Grants program Letter of Inquiry (LOI) period has closed. If you have submitted an LOI, please see the column on the right of this page for further relevant dates.


Applicants may apply for a one-year planning grant up to $30,000 or one-or-two-year implementation grant of up to $50,000 per year.

The purpose of the Systems Improvement and Innovation Responsive Grants (SIIRG) program is to address policies, practices and perceptions that create disproportionate barriers to health and access to care for some groups of people relative to others by making changes at a system and/or organizational level. The program emphasizes ensuring that the community(ties) of focus has a meaningful and ongoing voice in shaping improvements and innovations in four of MeHAF’s strategic priority areas: rural health, aging/older adults, behavioral health, and maternal & infant health.

MeHAF experience suggests that the most successful projects with the longest staying power after grant funding ends are those tailored to be responsive to community and cultural needs, focused on reducing inequities, and designed to leverage local resources, talents, and opportunities.  Projects that propose simple replication of models and best practices without meaningful community participation may not be successful and are less likely to be funded. New applicants are encouraged to review learning from MeHAF’s Community-Based Initiatives in the Practical Guide for Responsive Grant Applicants.


Organizational Eligibility

A 501(c)(3), local, state, or tribal government entity or educational institution. Applicants must be organizations based in Maine. If your organization is not eligible to apply independently, and you need to apply via a fiscal sponsor, please contact MeHAF before applying so that we can assist you with the steps. Individuals and private foundations are ineligible.


Dates to Remember

Funding Guidelines

System Improvement and Innovation Responsive Grants program funding may not be used for:

  • General operating support or “gap” funding;
  • Direct care costs;
  • Public awareness campaigns focused on a specific disease or health condition;
  • Fundraising efforts;
  • Capital expenditures;
  • Academic or graduate research; or
  • Grants or scholarships to individuals.



For questions regarding the Systems Improvement and Innovation Responsive Grants program, please email Senior Program Officer Charles Dwyer.

For Questions regarding MeHAF's online application system, please email Grants Manager Holly Irish.