You Think You Know, and You Probably Have Some Idea: Holly Irish, Grants Associate

Most of you know me as the face of grantee meetings, learning communities, and all things grantee gathering related. But with the August departure of our Director of Grants Management, Cathy Luce, I picked up jobs you typically would have reached out to her for AND a new title, Grants Associate. But rest assured I’ve been doing this job, or parts of it since I started at MeHAF eight years ago.

As I am now four(ish) months into my new role, I thought I would share a bit of what I’ve been working on, talk about processes, and mention anything that might change for you as grantees and applicants (don’t worry – nothing is!).

It’s been busy here as I transition to being mostly solo in the grants management department, but things have been moving along well. Building grant applications, modifying reporting needs, processing payment vouchers, mailing checks, and keeping our online grants management system up to snuff keeps me going at my desk most days.

As far as my “old” role – I’m still doing most of those things too. I am still working with Program Officers to help coordinate all grantee meetings and gatherings – something that I love. I also continue working with our Communications Associate to bring you the bi-weekly AccessPoints newsletter and keep the Grants Management and Grantee Meeting sections of the website up-to-date. And I continue to support our Grants Committee and Community Advisory Committee for their meeting needs.

You can reach out to me for all things related to your grant applications, reporting, questions about document uploads and attachments, or if you just need a new password to log into your grantee account – I am your person!  At a time when things are always changing – a face behind MeHAF’s grants management and grantee support is the same. Please feel free to contact me for any of your grant application needs.