MeHAF Announces $1.17 million in Grants to Support Health Advocacy in Maine

MeHAF announces $1.17 million in grant funding over the next two years to support health and health care advocacy work across the state. The cohort of 21 grantees spans a number of organizations including those focused on statewide policy and advocacy as well as those with a more localized, grassroots focus. Over the past decade, MeHAF has funded a number of smaller grantee cohorts, but 2019 marks the first time the organization has created a broader, more diverse group with the intent of building relationships across the state to create better outcomes for all people in Maine.

The 21 grantees receiving funding include AARP Maine, Consumers for Affordable Health Care, Disability Rights Maine, EqualityMaine Foundation, Health Equity Alliance, Maine Behavioral Health Foundation, Maine Center for Economic Policy, Maine Children’s Alliance, Maine Council on Aging, Maine Equal Justice Partners, Maine Family Planning, The Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition, Maine Medical Education Trust, Maine Mobile Health Program, Maine People’s Resource Center, Maine Primary Care Association, Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition, Maine Public Health Association, MaineTransNet, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, and the Southern Maine Workers’ Center.

“I do not believe there has ever been a group this large and this diverse funded together in Maine,” said Barbara Leonard, President & CEO of MeHAF, “the potential for collaboration and change that can be brought about through the work of these organizations is exciting.”

As MeHAF moves toward addressing not just health access in Maine, but health equity overall, creating funding opportunities like this brings a number of perspectives to the table that leads to learning from all sides and fosters conversations that may not otherwise happen.

The Maine Health Access Foundation’s mission is to promote access to quality health care, especially for those who are uninsured and underserved, and improve the health of everyone in Maine.

MeHAF works with nonprofit partners and key leaders in the public and private sectors to advance initiatives and policies that particularly help those who face barriers accessing health care services and achieving optimal health. Each year we provide approximately $4 million in grant and program funding to support activities aligned with our mission.

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