MeHAF regularly reaches out to health care leaders, businesses, policymakers, nonprofit organizations, and people from all over the state to solicit input on how we can expand access, promote better care and improve health.  We also rely on the experience and knowledge of our statewide Board and Community Advisory Committee to guide a range of approaches that help us promote long-term, systemic improvements in health and health care.  Besides grantmaking, we advance our mission by:

Advancing Equity:  We are committed to advancing equity, both in the health and health care fields, and within our own internal processes and procedures.  This means we recognize that structures and institutions in our society unevenly distribute advantages, disadvantages, and barriers to different communities and individuals in arbitrary and unfair ways, and we proactively work to reduce those barriers so that everyone in Maine has the opportunity to achieve their best health. LEARN MORE

Serving as a Neutral Convener:  As an independent, private foundation, we bring people together to work on challenging issues in a neutral environment.  Often the first step to address tough issues is to begin an open dialogue about possibilities and the potential for change.

Public Engagement:  Public engagement, particularly of people who are uninsured and underserved, is a key component of all our initiatives and policy work.  Grantees routinely include patient advisory groups or seek input from people who are uninsured and underserved.

Advocacy, Research and Education to Inform and Shape Public Policy:  Working with our partners, we support policy research and evidence-based changes in public policy that can advance our mission.

Leadership Development:  Health care access, quality and rising costs impact every individual, family and business in Maine.  For sound policy and system reform to occur, leaders from across the spectrum must be better informed to understand the need for policy change. MeHAF is committed to ensuring that leaders from all sectors have the fundamental knowledge and skills required to meet the challenge of reforming and improving Maine’s health care system.  LEARN MORE

Grantmaking:  We provide support to organizations whose work is aligned with our mission and progress.

Technical Assistance and Shared Learning Opportunities:  Our staff works closely with grantees in a spirit of true partnership.  For major grant initiatives, we provide regular learning community meetings where grantees can learn from local and national experts and each other, share successes and challenges, and hear directly from community members.

Evaluation:  As responsible stewards of MeHAF assets, we believe in assessing the effectiveness of our work and using this information to constantly learn and refine our efforts.  LEARN MORE

Communications:  Through publications, events, digital and traditional media and storytelling, we strive to share information, engage thought leaders and community members and promote innovation and new ideas that meet our mission.

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