Equitable Access

All people in Maine should have access to affordable, quality care. We promote equitable access though funding opportunities that addresses coverage, workforce, rural health, and cost of care. Learn more about our work on Equitable Access here.

System Change

Lasting solutions depend on strong systems that can respond to Maine’s critical health challenges. We address the key health issues of both behavioral health care and oral health needs. Learn more about our work on Systems Change here.

Better Health

Young children, pregnant women, older adults and groups that experience systemic barriers to health should have access to better health and health care. We focus on promoting equity for all groups and work to address the social determinants of health that prevent people in Maine from receiving care. Learn more about our work on Better Health for Specific Groups here.

Shared Leadership

Long-term change is possible when we develop, support, and collaborate with partners across the state. MeHAF is committed to not only building and supporting equity-minded leadership at both the state and community level, but promoting public awareness and commitment to more equitable health outcomes for everyone in Maine. Learn more about our work on Shared Leadership here.