Current Programs

Systems Improvement and Innovation Responsive Grants

The Systems Improvement and Innovation Responsive Grants (SIIRG) program provides funding for organizations working to improve or innovate to make their services more responsive to the health needs of their communities in one or more of four MeHAF strategic priority areas: rural health, aging/older adults, behavioral health/substance use disorder, and maternal and child health.

Community Responsive Grantmaking

Our Community Responsive Grants (CRG) program, launched in 2019, provides grants to support community-identified and community-led projects across Maine that align with our Strategic Goals and advance health equity. It is grounded in the belief that “the community knows what the community needs” and that those closest to a given problem or opportunity are also in the best position to design the solutions.

Health Advocacy

MeHAF has consistently funded advocacy work for over a decade, since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Our current Health Advocacy program ensures that a diverse group of advocates working through statewide advocacy-focused organizations as well as grassroots, community-led groups have the resources they need to do this work effectively with the ultimate goal of preserving and expanding access to care, particularly for people who experience disproportionate barriers to good health.

Health Equity Capacity Building

Our Health Equity Capacity Building program, initiated in 2018, aims to strengthen community-based organizations in Maine with primary leadership from members of the marginalized communities they serve that are working to advance health equity. The program pairs unrestricted operating support grants with a learning community and self-selected technical assistance supports to enhance the stability, effectiveness, and overall capacity of these historically under-resourced organizations and communities.

Past Programs

Healthy Communities

Our Healthy Communities program, initiated with pre-planning grants in 2013 and continuing through planning and implementation phases through 2019, funded community-informed systems change work to address critical health issues. The Healthy Community grantees focused on a wide array of populations that are vulnerable to poor health outcomes. Following a community planning process, grantees identified a range of health issues as the focus of their implementation grants including substance use, mental health, food insecurity, and others.

Expanding Patient-Centered Addiction Care

Our Expanding Patient-Centered Addiction Care program began in 2017 and continued through 2020. The initiative provided a mix of planning and implementation grants to 10 organizations. Projects were focused on expanding access to Medication Assisted Treatment in primary care settings across Maine.

Thriving in Place

Our Thriving in Place program began with planning grants in 2013 and continued through several rounds of implementation grants, ending in 2019. The program provided nine grantees with project grants to develop broad-based community partnerships focused on innovative, collaborative strategies to support adults with chronic conditions at high risk of needing in-patient or institutional care, including older people and persons with disabilities. The goal was system changes to support people to remain thriving members of their communities.

Access to Quality Care

The Access to Quality Care program, initiated in 2014 and concluded in 2018, provided opportunities for communities to form cross-disciplinary partnerships to meet the health care needs of uninsured, low-income people through collaboration among local providers.

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