Funding Opportunities

MeHAF works with a wide variety of partners, nonprofits, advocacy organizations, health care organizations, and more to carry out our mission of promoting access to quality health care and improving the health of everyone in Maine.

We offer responsive grant opportunities, a Discretionary Grants program for small, discrete, projects, and Meeting Support grants for local and statewide meetings. Find out more about each program below:

Grant Categories

Responsive Grants Programs

Our responsive grants programs provide open, competitive funding opportunities available on a recurring annual basis to support community-informed projects that improve health and make health care more accessible and equitable for all.

Discretionary Grant Program

Established to provide grants of up to $10,000  to support discrete projects and activities that are closely related to our mission and can be accomplished within a one-year timeframe.

Meeting Support Program

Provides up to $1,000 for community or regional meetings and up to $2,000 for statewide conferences and meetings.

Eligible organizations for any MeHAF funding must be:

Across all funding opportunities, MeHAF does not fund the following activities:

  • Direct care costs
  • Public awareness campaigns focused on a specific disease or health condition
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Capital expenditures
  • Academic or graduate research
  • Grants or scholarships to individuals

Other Resources: