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The Maine Health Access Foundation is the state’s largest private nonprofit health care foundation dedicated to promoting access to quality health care and improving health.

Many of our current programs focus on building the capacity of community-led organizations to create health outcomes that are more equitable for every person in Maine. Past and current grantees have helped to improve systems to address critical health needs, coverage, and access to quality care.

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The Maine Council on Aging Releases Report on the Second Phase of their Collaborative Community Information Exchange

In recent years, there has been a nationwide movement to use data to promote individual wellbeing as a foundation for a more holistic approach to community health. In 2020, a broad group of stakeholders in Maine began a journey to develop a community information exchange (CIE) that would lead to better health for the people of Maine through improved information quality, closed-loop referrals, and timely coordination and provision of services that respond to health-related social needs. Phase I of the Maine CIE Project was finalized in May 2022 and Phase II was initiated. A Steering Committee was formed to lead Phase II. They created three workgroups focused on key requirements for CIE development under the headings of governance, legal and policy, and data and technology. This report outlines the work undertaken in Phase II by these groups to further the development of a Maine CIE. Phase II work concluded in December 2023.

To read the full Phase II report, click here.