2019 Annual Report

“Responsive Soultions Improve Health” highlights MeHAF’s move towards more responsive grantmaking. Our grantmaking, both targeted and responsive, will be driven both by defined best practices and by the innovations and trends we see in  grantee projects.

2018 Annual Report

“Reflecting Toward the Future” is an opportunity to look back the past while thinking about the future of MeHAF and of Maine. The 2018 Annual Report displays programs across the state that are being creative, innovative, and forward thinking. The report also discusses MeHAF’s work in developing a new strategic framework to guide us forward to 2022.

2017 Annual Report

MeHAF envisions a Maine where all people and communities are healthy and well. The 2017 Annual Report describes the activities the foundation undertook to infuse equity across all of MeHAF’s work to help make this vision a reality. The report also includes stories about grants that were made in 2017 that reflect the foundation’s commitment to health equity.

2016 Annual Report

MeHAF’s mission is to promote access to quality health care, especially for those who are uninsured and underserved, and improve the health of everyone in Maine. The 2016 Annual Report shares stories of how the foundation’s grantees and partners are doing just that.

2015 Annual Report

“Building New Bridges to Health” shares stories and insights into the work of MeHAF’s grantees happening in communities all over Maine. From Eagle Lake to Bucksport, and Jackman to Portland, MeHAF’s grantees are forging new relationships, strengthening community supports and improving access to quality care. In short, they are building bridges to better health in their communities.

2014 Annual Report

“Sharing Stories Helps Us Listen, Learn & Improve” highlights how the voices of Maine people guide and advance MeHAF’s key initiatives. From powerful testimonials from Mainers who found affordable Marketplace health plans to having grantees engage and convene community members to ensure their projects are meeting the needs of the people they serve. The report lists all grant and contracts that received support in 2014.

2013 Annual Report

“Making Connections for Better Health” – Grantmaking is an important tool for foundations, but funding alone is insufficient to spread successful strategies or innovative models to the tipping-point of wide-scale adoption. Read about MeHAF’s efforts to foster deep partnerships and connections between grantees, community groups, and Maine people from all walks of life.

2012 Annual Report

“Reimagine. Redesign. Reform. Maine’s Approach to Health Care” – Highlighting the efforts of grantees to transform health care and wellness through a variety of programs: the deployment of Community Care Teams, creation of a model for employee wellness programs, launching Maine’s only health insurance CO-OP under the Affordable Care Act, and more.

2011 Annual Report

“Supporting Community Solutions for Better Health” – Access to health care services is important, but just part of the equation for improving or maintaining good health. This year’s report highlights the efforts of some of MeHAF’s innovative partners who know the value of linking health and health care.

2010 Annual Report

“Transforming Care: A Decade of Improving Lives” – Profiling ten leaders and their contributions to MeHAF’s work in its first decade.

2009 Annual Report

Profiling new tools, technologies, and pilot programs with community partners for developing community-based solutions to improve health, improve quality and lower costs.

2008 Annual Report

2007 Annual Report

2006 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report

2004 Annual Report

2003 Annual Report

2002 Annual Report