Meeting Support Program

MeHAF’s meeting support program provides grants of up to $1,000 for community or regional meetings and up to $2,000 for statewide conferences and meetings. The Meeting Support Grants program does not provide funding for operational costs (travel expenses, etc.), internal trainings, or events that function primarily as fundraisers.

The focus or objective of the meeting must be relevant to MeHAF’s mission and related to groups or populations that face disproportionate barriers to accessing health services and achieving the best possible health.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have re-opened our Meeting Support program to virtual formats only at this time. We will update this page as we learn about any change to Public Health restrictions on in-person gatherings.

Meetings Considered for Funding:

  • Address barriers to health and health care for Maine’s most vulnerable populations
  • Have a broad base of community support or include community collaboration.
  • Will implement a virtual, online format strategy for conferences or meeting events. Can include funding for costs such as, but not limited to:
    • Meeting Facilitator
    • Guest speakers
    • Data Collection/consultants

How to Apply for a Meeting Support Grant

Click “Manage Your Grant” on the left side of this page to begin the application process.

Applications will only be considered if submitted at least six weeks before the meeting is to be held to assure adequate time to review the submission and complete follow up with the applicant as needed.

At this time meeting support grants will be made only for virtual gatherings. Organizations seeking funding for at this time for meetings later in the year that it may be possible to transition to in-person events should make provisions for virtual meetings until such time as public health guidelines regarding social distancing and state-mandated limits on social gatherings change. We will keep grantees updated on the status of MeHAF’s decisions regarding any potential return to funding in-person events.

PLEASE NOTE: An organization can receive only one Meeting Support Grant per calendar year.


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Contact Program Officer Andrea Francis via or phone: 207.620.8266 x118.