Discretionary Grants Program

How to Apply for a Discretionary Grant

Please note, in 2024, our Discretionary Grant application process has changed.

The first step to approaching us about a project is to complete a Letter of Interest (LOI) that will be submitted electronically through our grants management system that can be accessed by clicking the "Manage Your Grant" link on the left sidebar of this page. If you do not have an account, you may set one up, or reach out to Grants Manager Holly Irish for assistance. Awards for local or regional projects are typically no more than $5,000 and statewide activities that highly align with our mission may be awarded grants up to $10,000.

The initial LOI will be submitted online, and once an LOI is submitted and reviewed, applicants will receive an email either declining the proposal or requesting to set up a short, structured conversation with the Discretionary Grants program lead. If then moved through the discussion phase, applicants will be asked to complete a final application.

Please also note an organization can receive only one Discretionary Grant per calendar year.

The Discretionary Grants program provides small scale project-based funding for organizations to explore new or different approaches to their current work that strongly align with the goals of the Discretionary Grants program and MeHAF’s overall mission and goal areas.

Applicants must propose a specific project, either expanding upon work already being done or to more deeply explore a specific aspect of and organization's work, and it must be completed with tangible outcomes within one year. Projects must also be closely tied to MeHAF's mission of expanding health access and improving health. Discretionary Grants will not fund general operations of new or current work or projects.

We suggest reviewing the "Does My Project Fit in the Discretionary Grants Program?" document before beginning an LOI.

If you have general questions about the Discretionary Grant program, please reach out to Emily Berrill. If you are seeking funding for a potential project, please begin an LOI so it can be reviewed within our application process and prevent duplicative work.


Contact Program and Grants Associate Emily Berrill via email or phone: 207.620.8266 x118.

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