Evaluation of MeHAF by the Center for Effective Philanthropy

MeHAF regularly includes evaluation as a component of its grantmaking.  In addition, as a foundation that seeks to learn from and improve our own work, we periodically evaluate our grant processes and our relationships with grantees and applicants.  This helps us to understand how well we communicate our programmatic goals and interact with those who seek grant funding, as well as how effectively we support grantees.  The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP), a national organization that assesses the performance of philanthropic funders across the country, fielded a survey in late 2015 to MeHAF’s grantees and applicants to get their candid input on our work.

MeHAF rated particularly well in relationships with and support of grantees, but has room for improvement in our selection/reporting/evaluation processes, which grantees and applicants found to be relatively cumbersome and time-consuming.  To see more details about the survey results, see the PowerPoint presentation prepared by CEP.  Questions about the survey and the results can be directed to Vice President for Programs Barbara Leonard at ext. 102.