Reflections on MeHAF’s Payment Reform Grant Initiative

MeHAF funded 14 organizations starting in 2011 to work on projects focused on mitigating the increasing cost of health care through innovative payment reform strategies, ensuring that people who are uninsured and medically underserved were included in these efforts. Our goal was to fund projects that would preserve access, improve quality, and offer better value for our health care spending. We awarded nearly $3 million in three rounds of two-year grants to support this work during 2011–2014, and awarded several of the first round grantees an additional two-year grant of $75,000.

We learned a great deal from this grant initiative as a whole and from each grantee. In order to gain greater understanding of each grantee’s experiences, we interviewed the grantees in late 2014 to get their perspective on their own work and on the overall initiative.

This blog series highlights what we learned. Short video clips of grantee interviews are included to allow the grantees to directly share their insights and reflections.